Watch Dogs - Featured Review


What makes Watch Dogs a true Next-Gen game
It is density and dynamism, a lot more than high resolution of graphics or size of the game world, that makes Watch Dogs a true next generation game.

What makes it look eerily familiar...
Carjacking, robberies, shootouts, high octane car chases, tons of guns and cars to choose from and a big city to roam freely in - where we have seen all this before?

...and why it will get you hooked from the start
Borrowing liberally from GTA, Just Cause and the like, Watch Dogs doesn't really bring anything new, ground-breaking or revolutionary but despite this, it is still open world entertainment at its best, and the innovative and well-thought-out hacking ability of the main protagonist, Aiden Pearce, will get you hooked from the very first moments. Ever wanted to hack a city? Now is your chance!

Score: 9/10

Mad Max


Post-apocalyptic future never looked better
Almost 30 years after 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome' - the last instalment in the action movie series 'Mad Max' hit the big screen, Mad Max is finally getting the video game treatment. Developed by Avalanche Studios, creators of widely acclaimed free to roam open world action-adventure game Just Cause 2, the game cannot be in better hands. In this first-look preview, we look closely at what makes this title one of the most anticipated games of this year.

Anticipation: 8/10


Sneaking into the living room from your new shiny next-generation console, Thief is almost upon us. Will this reboot of the legendary Thief series of stealth games live up to the high expectations?

Broken Age - Act 1

Point-and-click adventures are dead. No, really. Dead as Elvis. But someone forgotten to tell Double Fine Productions and their 87,142 backers on Kickstarter. Originally starting as Double Fine Adventure, Broken Age – Act 1 was released in January and looks, well, double-fine!

Game of Thrones

This is like a teenager’s wet dream coming true: Telltale Games, developers of episodic games such as highly successful Walking Dead series, approached HBO and after a year of negotiations were able to secure the license for Game of Thrones video game adaptation. Expect similarly emotionally charged, multi-episode adventure.